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Archive for January 2020

Kraken Finds Critical Security Flaw in Trezor One and T Wallets

Kraken Security Labs has identified a critical security issue in Trezor hardware wallets which enables seeds to be extracted from the devices.  Kraken Finds Flaw in Trezor Wallets Kraken researchers claim they were able to access Trezor One and T wallet keys by manipulating the voltage in the micro-controller. These hardware components hold vital information,…

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Coinmetrics Study Unveils Shocking Tether (USDT) Fact

The team at Coinmetrics has just released their latest findings on Tether, and its new all-time high velocity is not the only interesting thing they’ve discovered. Each USDT Token is Traded Approx 46 Times Per Year A study of USDT turnover reveals just how crazy the demand for Tether’s stablecoin is. According to Coinmetric’s tweet…

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Bank of Lithuania Looks into Central Bank Digital Currency

Bank of Lithuania may be the next entity to look into Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), after multiple banks worldwide have expressed interest. All Aboard the Central Bank Digital Currency Bandwagon Following preliminary interest from central banks in China, as well as India, Cambodia, and to an extent the European Central Bank, the Bank of…

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Will Bitcoin Budge as Brexit Arrives Tomorrow?

After years in the making, Brexit is finally happening tomorrow. The event is expected to cause a major shift in the global economy and could bring about any number of unforeseen consequences. It also begs the question, will this geopolitical occasion have any impact on bitcoin and crypto? How Will UK Traders React? Is Bitcoin…

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Is Facebook Censoring Crypto Content Again?

Twitter user Elijaboom posted that Facebook’s messenger app would not let him send a link forb to an associate based in Turkey. He noted that it seems like Bitcoin and crypto-related websites and content could once again be considered a violation of Facebook’s community guidelines. Did crypto get the banhammer once again? Facebook, the…

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