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Archive for May 2019

Bitcoin Going to $100K as Banks ‘Never Been in Worse Shape’

The one and only Max Keiser, once again spoke to Bitcoinist. He shares his thoughts on where he thinks Bitcoin price is now headed, the US-China trade war and the ‘unfolding’ global economic crisis.  Max Keiser: I See Bitcoin Hitting $100K Bitcoinist: Everyone’s talking about this US-China ‘trade war’ – what role do you see Bitcoin…

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Technical Indicators Align to Confirm Bitcoin Bull Market

A large number of traders and investors would have said that the Bitcoin bull market was confirmed when BTC price surged to $8k two weeks ago. Zooming out to the one year chart shows signs of a recovery, and two technical indicators have just suggested that things have finally turned around for the longer term.…

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Mainstream Financial Media Reluctantly Acknowledges Bitcoin Gains –

The latest Bitcoin 00 gains have been difficult to ignore, even in traditionally crypto-negative corners of the mainstream media.  Mainstream Media And Bitcoin: ‘Once Bitten, Twice Shy’ Since 2017’s crypto-frenzy, there has been an interesting shift in the mainstream financial media when it comes to Bitcoin. When every ICO which hit the market was attracting…

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‘Pay Me In Bitcoin’ – More NFL Players Join The Revolution

Russell Okung’s Bitcoin epiphany and Matt Barkley’s mining revelation have started a groundswell of interest across the NFL. More and more players want teams to ‘Pay me in Bitcoin’. NFL Players ❤︎ Bitcoin The love affair between American Football stars and Bitcoin came to the fore just two weeks ago and has blossomed since then.…

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How To Send Bitcoin Lightning Payments With No Invoice

Ever wish that you could make a Bitcoin Lightning Network payment, without the rigmarole of receiving an invoice first? Well, you can… Lightning Network is one of the most exciting current developments in the Bitcoin space and gaining features all the time. But payments require the payee to first issue an invoice, which isn’t always…

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AT&T Will Now Accept Bitcoin For Your Phone Bill

US-based mobile users can now use bitcoin and cryptocurrency to pay their bill thanks to a new partnership between AT&T and BitPay. AT&T Will Take Your Bitcoin Bitcoin’s path to mass adoption continues forward as major US telecom giant AT&T has announced that customers now have the option to pay their bills in cryptocurrency. The…

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