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Expert Expects Bitcoin “Decoupling” From Stocks But Not For The Reason You Think

All throughout 2020 Bitcoin price has been unusually correlated to major US stock indices such as the S&P 500. And with stocks at risk of another Black Thursday like plunge, analysts fear that it could once again take cryptocurrencies down with them. One Bitcoin expert, however, expects the cryptocurrency to soon “decouple” from traditional markets,…


Bitcoin’s Momentum Stalls, But Negative Funding Gives a Boost to Bulls

Bitcoin’s upwards momentum has stalled following the promising push higher seen yesterday This allowed the cryptocurrency’s price to surge up towards $10,800, which is where it met some serious resistance that slowed its uptrend Despite rejecting at this level, the subsequent downtrend has not been that intense, indicating that bulls may still have some underlying…


Flow Blockchain Combines DeFi And NFTs To Power Future Crypto Games

Like the internet, blockchain has been pitched as the next revolution that will disrupt all major industries and change the face of technology forever. But problems pertaining to scaling, high transaction fees, and clunky developer tools prevent expedited mainstream adoption from happening. Most scaling solutions merely divert challenges back to developers or put decentralization itself…


NEM Brings Together the Best of a Community-Led Public Chain and an Enterprise-Focused Private Network

The massively popular public blockchain network NEM has been diligently working to expand into the enterprise solutions ecosystem since 2017. Soon this year, NEM will release Symbol, an enterprise-ready blockchain network. This is a significant move on NEM’s part as the team has always focussed on the utility-centric aspect of blockchain technology. NEM’s NIS1 blockchain…