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Archiv für Oktober 2020

Bitcoin Funding Rates Hold Negative, Increasing Chances of Short Squeeze

Bitcoin has begun to consolidate above $13,000. Despite this bullish trend, most Bitcoin funding rates on leading futures exchanges currently are negative. The current Bitcoin futures funding rates are bearish on Binance, BitMEX, and OKEx. Bitcoin Funding Rates Still Negative Bitcoin has begun to consolidate above $13,000. $13,000 has long been an important level for…


How OneSwap (ONES) Stacks Up Against The Rest Of The DeFi Space

Over the last several months, there’s been a booming trend across the cryptocurrency industry. DeFi is a term on the tips of everyone’s tongues, and investors are pooling huge chunks of their capital in new yielding platforms and tokens.  It has created a fiery trend of automated market-making platforms emerging literally every single day where…


Altcoin Downside Extremely Limited as Bitcoin Remains Stable

Bitcoin has been stable in the time following its $13,800 rejection, with bulls gaining some momentum as the cryptocurrency flashes continued signs of strength Although it is not showing any overt signs of weakness at the moment, altcoins have been capitulating throughout the past few days and weeks, with many posting immense losses Analysts are…


Bitcoin To Celebrate 12-Year Whitepaper Anniversary With Monthly Close Above $12K

Tomorrow marks 12 years since Satoshi Nakamoto distributed a link to a whitepaper entitled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System via a cypherpunk cryptography mailing list, and the world has never been the same since. As the first-ever cryptocurrency is about to celebrate the twelfth anniversary of the whitepaper’s historic release, tomorrow could also be…