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Archiv für Februar 2019

Did Ripple Pay Coinbase to Break Its Own Policy and List XRP?

As XRP trading went fully live on Coinbase Pro, a new report outlines that the cryptocurrency exchange has violated its very own listing framework.  Coinbase Breaching Its Own Rules XRP trading went live on Coinbase Pro on February 25th. Formerly known as GDAX, the platform provides traders with more advanced features compared to the regular…


‚Free Speech Money‘ – Why Bitcoin is Ideal for Gab’s New Dissenter Platform

A new Reddit competitor called Gab Dissenter from Bitcoin-friendly social media network almost matched the daily active users on its first day of operations than all Ethereum DApps combined. Gab Dissenter Lets You Comment on Any Website, which launched February 26, allows users to leave comments on any internet URL. Unlike Reddit, it…


Wall Street Doesn’t Want Private Keys So We Got Rid of Them, Says Crypto Startup

Cryptography company Curve revealed its Institutional Digital Asset Wallet Service today, which aims to provide financial institutions and enterprises with a storage solution that makes their cryptocurrencies and digital assets instantly available — while also providing total autonomy and eliminating the need for private keys.  Curv claims that it is eliminating the need for somewhat-complicated private…


US Gov’t Returns Bitcoin Retrieved From 2016 Heist to Bitfinex

Bitfinex has received roughly 28 BTC from U.S. federal law enforcement agencies in a rare example of the U.S. government returning stolen bitcoin that were retrieved from the criminals. $110,000 Retrieved Out of $72 Million The amount totals about $110,000 at today’s prices, which law enforcement managed to retrieve in November 2018. Today, the exchange announced:…


Bank of Valletta: €13M Cyberattack Highlights Bitcoin’s Strength

Yet another financial institution, Malta’s Bank of Valletta, has fallen victim to a cyber attack, rendering many clients, both individuals, and businesses, unable to access their funds. A week after the attack, the issue reportedly persists, highlighting the need for decentralized and stable alternatives.  Bank of Valletta Through €13M Cyber Attack On February 13th, Times of…